Tuesday, June 21, 2016

All Tied Up

It's the second day of summer, I'm assuming your toes are looking painted and pretty? Ok good, because I need show you these shoes. Lace up gladiator sandals. Gladiators aren't anything new, and for me, they're quite the statement shoe. Like, whoa girl that's a lot of shoe, statement. These are a bit softer, easier to pair with items already in your closet.

Right?! These remind me of this month's pom post but next level. 

This is your new neutral sandal. Subtle gold that goes with jeans, shorts, patterns, chambray, you name it.

These sandals are vacation ready. Like bring me something fruity cabana boy shoes.

Rose gold, anyone? Yeah, I thought so.

These fun sandals are a little less intimidating than a full blown gladiator shoe and they are more versatile for your summer shoe game.

Be fabulous today!

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