Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cutting It Short

This weekend I went to see the Dixie Chicks with some girlfriends and we got to talking about summer weddings and what we're wearing. One fabulous lady in particular wants to try out a midi skirt with a crop top but all of the tops seemed to be too casual and loose. So of course, it's quest time. I give you, the structured crop top.

Starting strong. Pair this top with a purple accordion pleat midi skirt.

Saks Off Fifth, Geometric Chain Print Crop Top, $34
I love the sleeves on this top. It makes this sassy top a bit more classic.

Topshop, Button Back Crop Top, $66
A simple pastel allows you to play with print on the bottom.

I just love the scalloped hem on this top. It is feminine and summer-ready.

Crop tops are not just for outdoor concerts, dress them up with a flowing skirt or culottes. Look for a top that skims your torso and hits just where you want it to. If you're wearing it for an event, why not size up and take it to a tailor to get it to fit just the way you want?

Be fabulous today!

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