Monday, May 9, 2016

Head Case

Happy Monday lovebugs,
I hope you had a good weekend. The man and I went with some friends to the Gold Cup and had a grand time.  The people watching was amazing and the hats were even better. And that's the inspiration for today's post: statement headbands. They make me smile and you are going to get a ton of compliments.

How lovely and feminine is this metal headband. It also comes in half a dozen colors.

Who doesn't love supporting small business? Its like not loving puppies. This lady is crushing some adorable felt floral headbands.

Apologies for the poor picture, but I really love this headband. I think it would add some sparkle to a simple sundress.

Anthropologie, Nymphaea Headband, $28
White dress, this headband, and some bright sandals. 

A great hair accessory is such a clutch thing to add to your closet. You pull it out and you instantly feel pretty and unique. Not that you aren't that all of the time. You totally are, but sometimes you need a little something extra. A statement.

Be fabulous today!

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