Tuesday, March 15, 2016

He Was a Punk, She Did Ballet

A fun and flippy skirt is great for spring. I love the skater style because it's cute and with the right texture and print its a lot of fun. While we love to have fun with skirts here, let's remember that the skater style can be a little cheeky and I don't mean in the British sassy way, I mean I can see your cheeks. No one needs to see that. So when trying these on remember to do the fingertip test and do a twirl in the dressing room, are you going to have a unplanned breeze that gives the world a show?

Ok enough warnings, let's have some fun.

Forever 21, Floral Skirt, $17
A punchy floral for spring, as Meryl would say, groundbreaking,  but with these box pleats and flats. You can't go wrong.

Shoptiques, Honeypunch Printed Skater Skirt, $69 $39
I really like this icy blue metallic print for spring. Very Frozen but unexpected.

Charlotte Russe, Pleated Scuba Skater Skirt, $22
A heavier fabric is great for a mini, it hangs with some dignity. 

This skirt is a steal! I love the flap side pockets for extra personality.

Grab a sassy mini for spring and dress it up with cut out booties then dress it down with sneakers. So versatile and so affordable.

Be fabulous today!

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