Tuesday, March 29, 2016

And the Horns Say

A simple necklace can really bring an outfit together. Of course you can grab a statement necklace and walk out the door, but sometimes you want something simple. A beautiful but easy necklace can work for day or night with the right outfit. Today's theme is a horn silhouette. It's unique, simple, and a southwest feel that is perfect for summer.

Steve Madden, SME75264, $20
Not the most interest name for a pair of earrings, but these beauties are amazing.

Baublebar, Santa Fe Pendant Necklace, $32
A touch of turquoise, why not?

These are sexy. A double sided earring that added a little something edgier than a regular hoop earring.

How about a great long necklace that you can pair with a maxi dress?

Simple, special, and super versatile for any occasion. These horn accessories are anything but loud, but don't they make you do a double take?

Be fabulous today!

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