Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Colorful Culottes

Let's talk culottes. They're back and I think we've figured out how to style them. We being us normal lady bosses who are just trying to look amazing on a daily basis. Culottes are tough but I think with the soft pant trend we embraced last summer, culottes are a little easier to wear. Today we're looking at some great printed options.

I need these pants. Is gifting for St. Patrick's Day a thing? Can we make it a thing? Because this is what I want.

Is it a skirt? Nope, just the most comfortable high waisted culottes ever. Finish the look with this matching top.

 I usually try not to post two of the same retailer in one post, but when you've got it, you've got it. This print reminds me of an adult coloring book in the best spring way possible.

Want to try the trend without the investment? I've got you covered. A neon floral oversized print for under ten bucks.

So how about it? Ready to try the trend? Sure you can grab a navy or black pair and test the waters, but why not dive in? The waters fine. Go with a print. You're going to look amazing.

Be fabulous today!

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