Thursday, August 6, 2015

Come Crawling Back to Me

Let's get a little wild today. Let's play with a loud accessory that is eye catching or maybe I should say ear catching. Let's look at some ear crawlers. These earrings are the definition of a statement earring. They "crawl" up your ear lobe for maximum impact and absolute beauty.

I mean, come on. What I love about this earring is it looks heavy but the metal mimics feathers.

A little rocker edge to these bling beauties.

You know what I love about these? Everything. We all have those ponytail days. Well, you're going to enjoy them when you add these beauties to your look.

These deco earrings also come in silver. These crawlers are also a bit smaller in size so they're a great starter pair.

I dare you to try these earrings because that's exactly what they are: daring. They are fun, a conversational piece, and always instagram worthy.

Be fabulous today!

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