Monday, January 26, 2015

So Not the 90s

Hi lovebugs,
Happy Monday to you! Are you buried in snow? DC is trying to decide what it wants to do between slush and snow. I'm hoping for a snow day but in the meantime let's talk jewelry. There is a really interesting trend in necklaces right now that is edgy but depending on how you wear it can still be feminine: the choker. This 90s grunge accessory has been updated from what you knew. It's sleek and sexy, let's take a look.

BaubleBar, Gemini Pearl Choker, $36
How about this? Asymmetrical pearls would look great with a suit or have some fun with a silky blouse. There is also a similar option in silver.

Quite a modern a cool look that would be fun with buffalo plaid.

This is very Cleopatra and I love it. 

Forever 21, Rhinestone Choker, $10
Just simple. Nothing wild, nothing screaming 'look at me', just a beautiful line of sparkle.

Thoughts? Chokers are certainly not what they used to be. Quite an upgrade if you ask me.

Be fabulous today!

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