Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Knock, Knock

Let's talk earrings. I'm loving the newest architectural trend: the door knocker. That's right, the door knocker. This item is known for it's weight, but in an earring it's quite delicate and classic in a welcoming sort of way. (See what I did there? Welcoming?)

I love me some tortoise because it goes with everything. These simple earrings would work with a suit or jeans.

For a silver option, I really like this modern drop earring.

For a more literal take on this trend, I love these stately yet adorable studs.

And how about a dressy option? These blinged out earrings can knock on my door anytime.

Thoughts on this earring trend? There are a lot of them right now, and we'll get there, but I really like this solid yet classic trend.

Be fabulous today!

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