Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Oh Pleated Please

Let's talk pleats. Not your dad's four pleat khaki pants, I am talking dressed up, ladylike pleats. They give movement to a dress/skirt/top and they are a great way to add some fancy to your look without a bit of bling.

The Limited, Pleated Skater Skirt, $29 (!!) with code GIFTME
I'm obsessed with this skirt. And the price. It also comes in three other color options. This is going to be a four season skirt.

I love this dress for a holiday party, I love it for New Years, I love it for Valentine's, and I love it for date night. It's stunning without screaming look at me.

Nordstrom, Pleated A Line Skirt, $34
Tell me when you find a metallic pleated skirt under $40 at Nordstrom? Right. Please, please, just scoop this up while you have a chance. 

Topshop, Floral Pleated Vest, $58
I love this for now layered with a white bow blouse or a suit. I love this for summer as is with a long necklace.

I love pleats in the winter because its a nice contrast from the heavy, bulkier sweaters. Try it with a skirt and branch out to a flawy top!

Be fabulous today!

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