Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Anti-Cardigan

Summertime is a not a time for cardigans. It's just too warm. Put those away and pull out your new best friend. The kimono. It's light, it's colorful and it's the perfect accessory to your summer wardrobe.

For under $40 this is an easy one to try this season. Leave it open for a casual look or add on a skinny belt to define the waist.

This punch of color is so juicy. I love the notched lapel and open front design. So chic.

How about this instead of a gingham oxford on a warm summer day? It's fun, it's breezy and it's a great addition to any outfit.

Still not on board with this trend? Would you try it for $12? I bet you would. How cute is this short sleeve black option?

Try out the kimono trend this summer, find a color combination that makes you feel confident. If you still aren't sure hit Macys or Target and find one for under $20. It's worth the try.

 Be fabulous today!

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