Monday, June 23, 2014

Art Project

It's Monday. We're all angry. I know. Let's try to mask our hate and fake a little culture. Today we're going to look at some art inspired pieces. That's right, we can appear smart and sophisticated if we want to. And today, we're feeling cultured.

Modcloth, Alyssum Abstract Dress, $44 (!!)
I love this dress because the pattern is cut to create an effortless hourglass shape. And it's under 50 bucks.

A beautiful skirt that gives the illusion of pleats without the hassle of steaming them in. I really like the red marker like pattern.

A very modern print with a casual chest pocket and hemline details.

Shoptiques, Abstract Silk Blouse, $49
A gorgeous color combination with a sexy boatneck that is perfect for a night out.

An abstract, mod, watercolor inspired print is a great way to infuse some culture into your closet. Not everything is polka dots and stripes. Branch out ladies. 

Be fabulous today!

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