Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Don't Be A Pain

You know what I hate? Headbands that give you headaches. You're just trying to mix in some variety in your hairstyles/you didn't wash your hair, but really, what's the deal with the behind the ear headache? No more. Today let's look at some wraparound headbands. But today we're getting specific: beaded and under $25.

I love the shapes and colors in this piece. The red and turquoise pop against the balancing brown.

Forever 21, Eclectic Beaded Headband, $9
This headband is in the single digits. Look at the friendship bracelet-inspired pattern. I love it.

This is a very feminine headband. Sequins, beads, and a ribbon detail make this a beautiful accessory for work or play.

How about this thicker geometric option? I love the colors and the width of this headband.

Ever since I donated my hair back in December, I've been a headband fiend since it's not quite long enough for a ponytail. The wraparound headband is a great headache-free option!

Be fabulous today!

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