Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dotty Darling

I saw these gloves and I knew I had to do a post on them. Target nailed it with these gloves. They're the perfect mix of grown up and fun. They're leather and polka dot.


Here are some other polka dot glove options.

Yoox, Vero Moda Gloves, $25
Adorable wrist details and the price is nice too.

These adorable gloves also come in khaki. I love the embossed dot detail.

Ann Taylor, Polka Dot Gloves, $39
And of course we needed a big ol' dot. These fit the bill.

A good glove can be fun and fashionable and it can be an investment piece. Think about your winter coat, your scarf, and have some fun with it!

Be fabulous today!

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