Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just Jade

I hope you read that as 'Just Jack'. Good. A huge color going into fall is jade. It's a saturated jewel toned color that will look great on just about any skin tone. Let's take a look at some options. And scroll down for the winner of the Bauble Bar giveaway!

Mango, Stain finish t-shirt, $34
A little high-low action on this shirt. A great base to layer on the accessories.

I beautiful high waister skirt that is perfect with some violet tights.

White and Warren, V Neck Dress with Side Slit, $75
I think the slits on this dress really makes it less casual then it may seem. the cotton blend just needs some drop earrings and heels.

J Crew, Nicky Top, $98
Give this top a couple of weeks and I promise you, you will see it on sale for $69 and then scoop it up because it is the definition of versatile.

What are your favorite colors for the new season? Jade is up there for me!

Be fabulous today!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Bauble Bar giveaway!

Kat V. You won! I will email you your gift card to Bauble Bar!

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