Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Color Me Bold

Oh Wednesday, please don't drag on too long. But if it does, let's at least have something colorful to do. I love these whimsical colorful necklaces, just a perfect pop of color to add to any outfit.

Kate Spade, Park Guell Long Necklace, $89
This color combination is bright, cheery and perfect for an LBD or a white tshirt.

Bauble Bar, Fern Ombre Bib, $40
Look at these beads! What a fantastic accessory! I love the mix of the bead size, gives the necklace some depth.

I would describe this necklace as princess rockstar. It's blingy, neon and bad ass, all in one.

DKM Accessories, Faceted Stone Necklace in Candygram, $28
A pink, purple, coral combination that is going to look great with just about any other color.

Well ladies, how 'bout it? Let's add some color to our hump day with these multicolor beauties.

Be fabulous today!


  1. Adore the Bauble Bar bib necklace! Well, they're all amazing! Great picks!


  2. LOVE all of these, but the DKM necklace is definitely my fave.


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