Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Don't Cry!

I usually wear a simple stud for earrings but when I'm playing dress up or adding some sparkle to a work outfit, I love adding a teardrop earring. There is something very delicate yet classy about the shape and size.

Nordstrom, Kate Spade Paisley Park, $51
You know I gotta post some Kate when we're looking at beautiful accessories. I love these dressed up or down.

These remind me of an Amrita Singh piece but much more bang for your buck!

Forever 21, Crochet Teardrop Earring, $5
How cute are these? I'd pair these with bf jeans and a plain tee for the weekend.

These beauties would be perfect for an evening dinner date. They would capture the light and add just the perfect amount of sparkle to the face.

While stud earrings are usually my go to, I love the easy and fancy feel of the teardrop earring.

Be fabulous today!


  1. I'm the exact same! I rarely wear anything but studs, but I love a little sparkle every now and again.

    as for your picks, 1. kate spade can do no wrong. 2. those gold beauties from neiman's are amazing.

  2. The second ones are absolutely gorgeous!


  3. LOVE the Neiman ones!



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