Thursday, October 27, 2011

Front Pocket Totes

Happy almost Friday! Today we're talking totes, but specifically front pocket totes.  You know when you need to grab your keys/subway card/insert important item here and it's lost in the abyss of your tote? Front pocket totes are perfect for those times.

Nine West, Uplifted Tote, $69
I love this bag, such a great color mix for fall.

Rugby, Classic Canvas Tote, $98
Sturdy, classic, Ralph Lauren at his best.

American Eagle, Plaid Flannel Tote, $34
Two straps, great colors, perfect for a full day of errands, work or whatever else life brings you.

I love this retro inspired bag.  This is how you do a weekender.

Front pocket is such a small detail but in a crunch it is so helpful!

Be fabulous today!

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  1. love me a great tote bag! That first one is amazing!


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