Thursday, December 2, 2010

Watch yourself!

This post is a bit of research I'm doing for my good friend Amy.  Amy is looking for her bf to get her a watch for Christmas, but a watch is a very serious purchase and one not to be taken lightly.  It is one of a few accessories that you will probably wear every single day and have for quite some time.  So this is a big deal.

Watches have more styles than than RuPaul has wigs, so it can be a bit daunting.  If you're buying a watch for  someone make sure you take note of what kind of jewelry he or she wears.  Is it chunky, silver, gold, plastic, preppy, rocker?  Take that into a account when making your purchase.

While I could spend all day listing watches, these picks are ones I think Amy would love.  Do you have something on your list you'd like me to research? Great! Email, tweet, or comment it to me and I'd love to get started on it!

Also lovebugs- tomorrow is Friday Foodday so send me those recipes!

Urban Outfitters, typewriter initial watch, $28
How adorable is this? Dainty face with a masculine band.

I like this one because it's no nonsense.  Chic and functional.

Anne Klein, Silver Tone Easy to Read, $55
I would make sure to try this one on in the store because if the circular face is too big on your wrist its going to drive you nuts.

Fossil, Berkley pink, $95
Colorful plastic seems to be a huge trend in watches right now.  I like this one because It's sturdy enough to wear with a suit.

Anne Klein, 10-9304, $59
This might as well be a bracelet. I just love it. It's gorgeous.  It looks like something you'd see at an estate sale or an antique store.


  1. Ah I love that initial watch from Urban, but they don't have an N!

  2. Loving the typography watch! How clever.

  3. the berkley pink one! by fossil!

  4. Ah I love that initial watch from Urban, but they don't have an N!


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