Monday, December 20, 2010

Guest Post- What Will You Do Differently Next Year?

Today's guest post is from LadyxMusketeer .  We are doing a blog swap about what we will do differently next year.  She rocks, go check out her blog if you get a chance.  And look for my post over on her site later today!

The topic is Action: What will you do next year that you’ve been putting off for too long?  So what will I do next year that I’ve been putting off for too long? 

I will learn to love myself.

It sounds simple, to love oneself,  I’m aware but in actuality it is one of the hardest things that I think anyone could possibly do.  I know for me it’s been one helluva struggle. To be able to actually like who I am  as an individual and to like what I see in the mirror on a daily basis is difficult. I’ve always struggled with fully loving myself and this year has been no different. However, I did not actively try to love myself this year. Instead I opted to pretend to love myself whenever I was in the presence of others or to sit and feel sorry for myself.

This insecurity has followed me around for some time now. There have been times where I have tried to learn to love myself but I would then turn around and allow a single negative comment to completely throw me off track. I’m here to say, not any longer. This year will mark a new beginning for me. I am going to actively work on loving myself. Not partially. Not three quarters of the way. The whole enchilada.

I WILL love myself. I WILL change what needs to be changed in order to achieve that goal. I will buckle down and make the effort to go to the gym on a more regular basis. I will look inwards to my faith for strength and deliverance when the going gets tough. I am going to do this because 2011 is the year for change. I will be happy with who I am and be comfortable in the skin I am in, once and for all. No longer will I let one persons opinion of me completely tarnish the way I view myself. After all, it is just that, one persons opinion. I will not depend upon what others think to make me happy. I will make myself happy.

So, give me your best shot 2011, try to break me down but I will learn to finally be at peace with who I am and love myself unconditionally.

Until next time,


Hey lovebug! Thank you so much for you comment. I just loved spending time with you and I hope you come back again soon! TCB.