Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Laptop Luxury

Today's post is a request from a good friend who wants a fabulous work bag.  Her requests are simple: it has to fit a laptop, have an outside pocket for keys, and nothing loud.  Sounds easy enough right?  Let's see what I can find.

Also- who has Friday Foodday recipes to share?

Jessica Simpson, Cypress Bag, $80
I like the dual straps on this bag and the minimal hardware.  But it is only 14' long so depending on the size of the laptop, that would be something to consider.

Melie Bianco, Mariah, $88
This is a nice do it all bag, neutral color and on the inside the lining is cream with black polka dots.  I love a good surprise lining.

17 Coakley, Travel Tote, $206
OK bear with me, I know this is way over the TCB budget, but this request OKed it so look away if you must.  This bag has great pockets and its 17' so it could fit any sized laptop and then some.

Nunzia design, Sophia, $62
I like this bag because it has a removable laptop sleeve, though, it is a bit summery.

I really like this bag.  It's no-nonsense design makes it functional and not flashy.  It has a removable laptop sleeve and great pockets to store your phone, business cards, etc.

A functional laptop work bag can be tough to find for us fashionistas.  Sometimes you can find what you're looking for at a name brand store like Nordstroms, but I find you may want to broaden you normal search and look at luggage stores as well.  Overstock also has a great selection.

Be fabulous today.


  1. Thanks Kels! I need more utility then design but I love the options you pulled together! Of course I like the most expensive one the best, but alas its a final sale and no returns if I don't like it!!

  2. oooh! I want to use the Mariah (number 2) everyday! Love!

  3. I LOVE the second bag! So chic!


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