Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Time for a Change

It's humpday, not that I'm checking, or counting down, or anything like that. We're getting there. And to help us watch the time go by on this Wednesday, why don't we upgrade our watch? I've got some great styles with round face details that are sure to fit any budget.

Simply perfect for work or play. Chic black, white, and gold, with a great graphic.

How versatile is this watch? Suit, jeans, black, brown, red, you pair it, it works.

Asos, Large Face Fine Case Watch, $35
Mod. Chic. A bit masculine but balanced with the thin strap.

Urban Outfitters, Braided Leather Map Watch, $29
Travel bug? This watch is perfect for you or a gift. I love the braided strap.

So check your wrist. Add something useful to your arm party.

Be fabulous today!

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