Monday, September 28, 2015

Denim: A Do

Happy Monday lovebugs,
If you are an east coaster you noticed a distinct fall breeze this weekend. It took me a bit by surprise and I was searching for my jean jacket to layer on top of my outfit. This search was not a good one, not because my closet is a mess (it is) it's because I don't have a jean jacket. I know. So today, let's go shopping.

We've got to start with the classic. Levi's. You can't go wrong with this beauty.

Nordstrom, Halogen Denim Jacket, $29
Looking for a faded option? This one is on major sale.

Forever 21, Quilted Denim Boxy Jacket, $39
How about something totally different. Denim and quilted, so unexpected.

A very chic dark wash that you can wear with a jumpsuit on the weekends or a corduroy skirt.

I really love denim jackets for fall. They are easy, you can throw them in the wash, and they are great for layering. Have fun with a thin fringed scarf or grab some pins and add a quirky twist to your jacket.

Be fabulous today!

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