Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Heck Yeah I'm Wearing Flowers

So I got you flowers. I know! For no special reason at all, which in my opinion is the best reason to give and get flowers. Today I got you big flowers, oversized flowers that are a great way to hold onto summer.

Urban Outfitters, Cameo Lift Off Bomber Jacket, $228 $99
Feminine meets moto chic. I love this mix and these colors.

I love this layered tank that is so delicate and yet machine washable!

No surprise here that Nordstrom nails it with this transition floral sweatshirt.

Neon pink with pops of black is the exact contrast that you can pull off with floral.

Big flowers, I mean oversized, in your face, heck-yeah-I'm-wearing-floral prints are a great trend. Try it! I'm telling you, the compliments will be blossoming. See what I did there?

Be fabulous today!

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