Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Black Beauty

Hey there lovebugs,
Today we're talking jewelry. When you think of jewelry, your mind doesn't usually go to black but today I want to show you how classy and elegant black bling can be.

Anthropologie, Cembroides Bib Necklace, $88
I love the mix of feminine beads with bling and hard metal. Such a great contrast.

Picture these earrings with a leather jacket. Now picture them with a white sequin top. Pick your style, these earrings will compliment it.

Oh Kendra, you just get it. Made in USA, great design, solid construction.

Wear it alone or wear it as part of an arm party. Dress it up, down, you name it.

I love these pieces because they are incredibly versatile. Dressy or casual, preppy or rocker, these jewels do it all.

Be fabulous today!

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