Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today is Dumb, Here's Some Fashion

As you may or may not know I hate Halloween. It's a feeling that was passed on from my mother with the idea that spending money on an outfit never to be worn again is just not something I can get behind. And yes, I'm aware I'm in the minority. So, instead of showing off costume options, here are some great orange pieces that can be worn after today. Oh and if you really need a costume, here's my dog Norman dressed up.

Stella and Dot, Olivia Bib Necklace, $59
Great details that differentiate this necklace from the standard J Crew bauble.

Nordstrom, Pleoine Dot Pullover, $40
Orange hearts? Yes please.

A simple and timeless relaxed cardigan.

Urban Outfitters, Cooperative Scallop Peplum Dress, $39
I'm obsessed with this dress. Sassy with a tiny peek-a-boo and it comes in a slew of colors.

Happy Halloween to those with more imagination than me. 

Be fabulous today!

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  1. Side note: she also makes her friends start to hate Halloween too. Damn you, Kelsey!


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