Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sparkle & Shine

Today is one of my favorite days, and that is because we're looking at glitter loafers. Life doesn't get much better than this ladies, this is the good stuff. Loafers, covered in glitter, yep. I have no other wise words for you so let's just get to it.

Gap, Glitter Loafers, $39
Navy. Glitter. Loafers. Hello. 

You know what? Topshop was so right when they named these flats, they're magical.

Melissa, Virtue Special Flat, $85
Well, well, these are what Barbie WISH she wore 24/7.

Steve Madden, Chaufur Loafers, $50
Saved the best for last. Tassels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These aren't metallic, they're not even sequins. No, these are glitter and I promise they will make you happy every single time you wear them.

Be fabulous today!

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