Monday, January 9, 2012

Statement Cuff

Happy Monday lovebugs!
I hope you had a great weekend. Here on the East Coast the weather was so beautiful.

Today I wanted to start off with a piece I think every woman should own, a statement cuff. It's an easy accessory to add to any outfit; and with the number of styles out there you can certainly find one that fits you.

Rachel Roy, Multicolor stretch cuff, $65
I love this geometric stretch bracelet, great to mix in with jeans or an LBD.

This is beautiful, light and airy. I love this cuff because it's funky but very dressy.

This is blingy and fabulous, maybe even a little edgy.

Tory Burch, Resin Cuff, $45
Love me some Tory Burch, and the price is right for this cuff.

What do you think of a chunky cuff bracelet? I think they are a nice break from a bangle bracelet.

Be fabulous today!


  1. aaah oh my gosh LOVe that tory burch!! A while back I did an awesome Kate Spade bracelet giveaway that looks a lot like the first one...gosh I love accessories! ha

    I am doing a THEIT CAMERA BAG GIVEAWAY on Color Issue...I think you would totally love it!!!


  2. I love all of those cuffs! Soooo adorable! The Rachel Roy one would truly liven up any otherwise neutral outfit.

  3. I totally agree. A true essential.

  4. Every woman should definitely own one. The first is my fave!


  5. I've had my eye on that Rachel Roy for awhile now... it's drool worthy, for sure! :)

  6. The weather was amaaazing! And so are these cuffs :) That rachel roy needs to be mine!


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