Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Jammies

I'm feeling cozy and warm today because I'm thinking about what I wear on Christmas morning.  Pjs, pajamas, jammies, the ultimate outfit. How do you style Christmas morning? Here are some of my picks.

Gotta love a comfy flannel pj set. Target does this one just right.

Nordstrom, Ugg Rylan Knit Slipper, $99
I believe in investing in good slippers. Otherwise you have 85 pairs of cheap poor quality ones.

These are so cute, the lining is unexpected and playful.

Aerie, Striped robe, $39
This is so adorable and perfect for a Saturday morning coffee and bagel.

What do you wear for Christmas morning? Sweats, pjs, real clothing? Whatever it is I hope it's comfy!

Be fabulous today!


  1. We always wear pjs on Christmas morning. I usually surprise my family with a new set of jams on their bed on Christmas Eve night. Such a fun tradition!

  2. I wear my flannel set - covered in kittens wearing hats and scarves. And matching slippers because when else can you pull that off but Christmas morning?

    Love that robe!

  3. my family looks so rough xmas morning! it's usually my dad and step bro in their underwear. i try to stay out of the pics!

  4. Haha my mom buys me new slippers every year...because they wear out so often! Love the Uggs : )


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