Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Flying by the seat of my pants

This is a first. I'm sitting in the Memphis airport at the Sam Adams bar drinking a Yuengling and writing this post from my phone. So as 2010 email signatures say, please excuse any typos and brevity.

Now let's see if this works. Here is what I'd carry and wear to the airport.

Sole society, Cassidy, $69
I love this bag so much. It looks luxe but the price is amazing

I'm loving jumpsuits for travel. Talk about ultimate comfort.

These sandals at 40% off right now and I love them because they're easy on and off for security and the beading is a neutral so it goes with everything.

Ok love bugs that's all my thumbs can handle at the moment. Thanks for the patience and see you back to normal tomorrow!

Be fabulous today!

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