Monday, April 27, 2015

Over, Under, and through the Loop

Happy Monday lovebugs,
You all know I'm a sucker for bows so today I thought I would indulge a bit and look at some bows on shoes. I'm not talking a tiny ballet flat bow, I mean a statement bow. Let's make 'em stare.

Ok, well, these are already in my cart. I mean...come.on.

Joe Fresh, Flats in Tan, $59
These will be your go to work shoes for summer. I love the stark contrast with the tan and the black in the edged piping.

These look like bridesmaid shoes but stay with me. Picture these with seersucker crops, picture these with a pink sundress, picture these with..wait for jeans. Mind blown.

Topshop, Villa Bow Flats, $30
I'd expect nothing less from Topshop: bright, feminine, and under budget.

How are we feeling about these bow shoes? I'll take each one of them please!

Be fabulous today!

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