Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cuff Her

You what trend I'm having some trouble with loving? The ear cuffs. Who thought of this? Why? Why do we need to cuff the ear? But then I saw wearable options. The good people from Sole Society and BaubleBar who took this runway idea and made it workable for us normal folk. Let me show you.

Sole Society, Mini Stone Ear Cuffs, $24
See? We can do this. Great shape, not necessarily understated but we can do this.

BaubleBar, Hermes Ear Cuff Earring, $28
Two pieces, one ear. That's right. This is some serious ear bling.

Bloomingdale's, Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Ear Cuff, $58
So picture this with your faux leather jacket, now picture it with an LBD. It.Works.

This earring is so simple and stunning. Delicate petal detail with just enough sparkle.

So are you coming with me on the ear cuff train? I'm on it. I'm not driving the train, but I am definitely on board and enjoying the ride.

Be fabulous today!

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