Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting Your Feathers Ruffled

Happy humpday lovebugs, I hope your week is going well. And if it's not, you know what will cheer you up? Ruffles. Ruffles always cheer me up. They're so much fun I guarantee wherever you shop, you will be able to find some ruffles.

I'm not quite over peplum just yet. I think it's still having a moment, and it's fantastic pieces like these that make me believe its here to stay.

I really love this top because it can stand on it's own or it will be a great layering piece with a suit.

Shoes can get in on the ruffle trend too! These are perfect for the 1,297,092 weddings you'll be attending this year.

And speaking of the bajillion weddings you have to go to this year, how about this number from LC?

A ruffle is an easy way to add some interest to an outfit. It's clean and simple and you can still add bolder accessories with the outfit.

Be fabulous today!

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